About me

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Hello guys! My name is Anna and I’m from Saint Petersburg in Russia. I am 23 years old. Where I live it’s most of the times cold and wet and I’m forced to stay inside… so there is nothing better than entertaining men with nice sex shows to warm myself up.

As you can read on my services page, I’m a very dirty and crazy girl but also very well educated and polite. I speak 3 languages: English, Italian and of course Russian. Right now I’m also learning to speak German: Guten tag!

I studied psychology and many other courses to please my curiosity. I have a broad field of interests and I can talk with you about many subjects, even about Russian politics!

My hobbies are sports (biathlon), shopping, watching movies and chess. I took part in several chess championships for girls. Challenge me for a game online and I will probably kick your ass!

What else do you want to know?

My appearance:

My birthday: 20 October  1994

Size: I’m 1m65

Weight: I’m 50kg

Breast size: 75 C in Russian measurements


When did I start with doing sex shows: When I was 18 years old

My dream: To move to Europe or USA

Do I smoke? Yes I do

My favorite sextoy: I like to have my anal plug in most of the day 🙂

Religion: Hmm, not really

My kind of guy: Kind, polite and… with a very dirty mind

Favorite sex: Anal and playing with my clit and nipples