Russian Skype model Anna is taking a shit and fucks her dirty ass

Hello dirty poo lovers all around the world! Here is your favorite online girlfriend again. Today I want to show you a little teasing video of me taking a shit and having so much fun with it! My purpose is of course to drag your attention and make your cock hard. But I hope also to make you curious about me and most of all that you would message me so I can perform for you on Skype… or even in real life!

Taking a shit for you on cam is so exciting for me. Every time I get a new booking from a client for a toilet show, my pussy gets soaking wet and my whole body feels warm. Already many years scat is my favorite fetish and it’s just really awesome I can meet so many scat-lovers out there who I can make happy! 

Please jerk off while I’m taking a shit on Skype!

My passion is my job and it is your entertainment! When you would see me on the street you would think I’m an innocent and sweet girl. Maybe you can see on me that I’m somewhat slutty by the way I dress and my make up… but you would never guess I enjoy to stuff poo in my mouth on webcam and rub my greedy pussy while doing it!

taking a shit

What makes me the most happy is if I can see you jerking off your hard cock while watching me. When I see a cock on my screen I just get super motivated to smear myself full of shit and get really dirty! I also like to put a big turd in my mouth and suck it as I would do with your cock.  But of course I will not bite and chew your cock, like I enjoy to do with my yummy poo!

Watch me taking a shit on Skype now and go wild!

Are the kinky things I’m showing you in my video turning you on? Do you like to see pretty girls taking a shit for you on webcam? Did you cum when you saw me taking some yummy poo in my mouth while my boobs are all dirty? To be honest… you didn’t saw anything crazy yet! This is just a small video to tease you and make your cock hard! 

If you want to have a real naughty experience with a genuine slutty poo-girl… you should definitely order a scat-show  with me and jerk off while I go all the way for you! Please don’t be shy and play with your hard cock for me on Skype during a kinky show with the most horny scat-girl on the internet! Just click on the button and get more info about my live scat, vomit and piss shows!

taking a shit

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