School for whores #1: How whores should beg for cum

Hello guys! Today I present to you the first episode of my new series of videos. In these videos I will try to share my experience and knowledge as a whore. For example in this video I will demonstrate and explain how a good whore should beg for cum and make sure to get her reward.

Right now I am 23 years old and I started as a prostitute when I was 18. Also before I started to work officially I had sex with many men and built up a lot of experience. Recently I was contacted by a German client that I know already several years. He started dating a young girl and he wants to transform her into a real whore. Like this she could stop with her studies and they could work together.

My client asked me to talk a bit with her everyday to convince her she should go for it and to teach her everything she needs to know to become good at her job. She started 2 weeks ago to work in a brothel in Bremen and she is doing very well. This gave me the idea to share my experience on my blog. For example today I want to teach beginning prostitutes and sluts how to beg for cum.

Good whores beg for cum and say “thank you”

When I was working as a whore in Germany, I was professionally trained by my owners and I learned also a lot from clients. When you work as a prostitute, making men cum is the most important part of your job. I learnt during the years that good behavior and a slutty attitude can help a lot to give a man a nice orgasm.

beg for cum

If you are a good whore, of course you want your clients to come inside of your mouth and swallow there cum, instead of getting there come on your boobs or in your ass. I know how it feels to be rewarded and get that cum on your tongue and it feels so good.

First of all if you want to be a good whore you have to understand that when men cum inside of your mouth it’s a very big reward that should make you very happy. When you copy my demonstration in front of a real client they will definitely not resist and cum inside of your mouth if you beg for cum the right way.

Good whores swallow without hesitation after begging for cum

It is very important that when men are close to their orgasm you keep looking them in their eyes and you keep your mouth open, your tongue out and with your hands behind your back. After clients came in your mouth you swallow it without hesitation or effort and you don’t hide your satisfaction. You always say thank you and you don’t spill.

So I hope you learnt something from this video. If you are already a prostitute or you are planning to become one,  this advice is useful. I hope you will have a lot of clients to beg for cum and you will convince them to ejaculate in your mouth.

Also I think that my videos are also very interesting for men. They can improve their wives or girlfriends behavior a lot. They can help their girls to become happy sluts.

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