Russian cam slut plays with anal banana

Hello guys! Whore Anna is here for you again with her daily small video! A good whore makes sure her holes get a lot of action, so that’s what I’m trying to do! This time I enjoy an anal banana before eating it! I like to keep my holes filled as much as possible. Only than I can have a good slutty feeling. I need to have the feeling that I’m a good girl so I can be proud of myself.

I like to try out different things to put in my ass and experience how they feel and if it can make me cum. Of course I had by now a few thousands of cocks already in me. They came in all shapes and sizes. Some are huge, some are small. They always felt good inside me and I was always very happy when they could cum in my ass. An anal banana insertion feels good too, but banana’s can’t cum of course!

My asshole is not very stretched out, even after servicing many many clients. I’m a petite girl and my holes are very tight by nature. I was often jealous on other prostitutes who can fit very big toys or men can fist or even punch fist their asses. But my ass is very good for fucking. Because it is used so much, you don’t have to push at all and you can go very easy inside without using lube. I just can’t take very big toys or a fist.

Good whores enjoy their asses filled up with an anal banana insertion

anal banana

When I was working in Germany I learned most men like best anal sex. Most clients were fucking me in the ass and I start liking it it more and more, the longer I worked in the club. I had many clients who never fucked my pussy at all. They  went straight for my ass and put their dry cocks inside. They liked it a lot when sex was a pit painful for me. When I was just 18 years old I admit it was often painful for me, but I started fast to enjoy it, even when it hurt me.

Inserting an anal banana is not new for me. I often gave sex-hows were I put one in my ass. It’s a bit more original than a normal toy. So If you like a show with me putting many strange objects inside my ass just add me on Skype “live:happysloth3”.


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