The most kinky Skype cam model online!

Hello guys! Here is Happy Sloth again! Today your whore is just desperately begging for you to add me on Skype .  I am a Skype cam model since I returned from Germany, because I’m not really fit for other work. I became a whore when I was 18 and I don’t really know any other job I could do good.

As a Skype cam model I give all day online sex-shows to perverts all over the world. I can do quite everything that I’m told to do. We can just talk and share our fantasies, but you can also watch me fuck my ass or even let me drink my own pee.

In Germany, I was trained by my owners and clients to be very obedient and to have a good behavior. Right now I can enjoy the benefits of my training and knowing my place. I have a lot of kinky services I can offer, so I am more unique and special. I am not like the other cam girls you meet on big popular websites.

Anna is your Skype cam girl for kinky sex

So if you are looking for a Skype cam girl that can be both your friend, your girlfriend, your slut, your whore, your slave or even your human toilet… don’t hesitate to add me on Skype.

You can choose how you want to treat me and I adapt to you. If you are a nice guy, I can be your friend and talk to you. We can play chess while we masturbate together. If you are an experienced dominant Master, you can treat me as your slave girl or your dirty whore. If you are a filthy pervert, I will give you a crazy show playing with my poo, pee, vomit and even with my period blood if I’m menstruating.

I’m a well educated girl who knows how to behave and to talk. As a Skype cam girl, I will also not waste your time… If you want immediately hardcore action, I have my dildo in my ass in less than 3 seconds. So add me on Skype “live:happysloth3”, and cum while watching a real whore doing what you are told.

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