Anna gives herself a cunt slapping

Hello again! Your favorite Russian whore is back with a new little video for you! Today I give myself a good cunt slapping and I hope you will like it! I make these videos especially for your entertainment and I hope I can make you cum every day.

I have a very tight pussy, but it gets a lot of hard using every day. My pussy is feeling every day sore. It is sometimes a bit swollen and feeling numb. When men slap my cunt or I do it myself, I feel it much harder, than when I just play normally with my clit.

It makes me very horny to overuse my pussy every day. When I feel how sore and irritated it is, I know I’m a good whore and a true slut. This makes me feel proud and happy.

Give me a cunt slapping when I’m a bad girl

When i was working in Germany my owners often gave me a hard cunt slapping, when I was behaving bad. Of course in my video I just hit it more gentle than when men hit my pussy. My owners always used the end of their belts or a spanking paddle to hit my pussy. This was hurting much more than when i do it with my hands.

cunt slapping

I’m very happy to be a whore with a cute pussy. Sometimes it’s a pity Men can’t fist me or use big dildos inside me. But on the other hand my little cunt looks very cute… even after thousands of men fucking me in Germany.

It gives me always a lot of joy to spread my legs on cam and show my little pussy to all men. I’m very proud to be your little slut and if I’m a bad girl you can just order me to give myself a hard cunt slapping and show me my place.

Just send me a message on my website if you want to try me out and have online fun with a unique slut. I’m different than other cam girls and I want to prove it to you!


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