Anna abuses her throat with extreme gagging

Hello horny perverts! I address you today as perverts, because the movie I made today is especially for kinky people. I made an extreme gagging video where I abuse my throat like an anorexic whore. For your entertainment, I like to to hurt myself… if I know it makes you cum.

Last week I posted a small gagging video. Because I received so much good reactions on it, this time I made a much longer extreme gagging video for you to enjoy. Many men told me I’m a good girl trying to vomit after eating too much and I received a lot of support.

It is very important a whore keeps herself slim and it is not good to have heavy meals if you don’t vomit afterwards. I admit I’m always angry on myself when I ate too much and I feel I need to be punished. My clients help me with this. They force me to gag my throat on Skype and to vomit all of the bad food out.

Extreme gagging till I vomit is good for me

I feel so guilty after eating a lot of food I punish my throat very hard till it makes me cry. Snot comes out of my nose, spit out of my mouth and tears out of my eyes. I want to let men see on my shows that  I have been a bad whore. Only after punishment I can feel happy again without feelings of guilt and shame.

I f you enjoy my video, you are more than welcome to contact me and I will be happy to show some extreme gagging for you and vomit on my boobs. You can help me to stay slim and pretty by punishing me. Sometimes I don’t need a nice guy, but a strict man who does what is best for me.

Just book a sex-show with me on Skype or order a personalized video where I do exactly what I’m told just for your entertainment. I promise I will be your favorite whore and I will give you lot’s of love in return.

extreme gagging

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