Slutwear from a whore for sale

Hello all sexual predators out there! Time to watch a new video and post of your favorite whore! Today I want to announce that I’m going to sell many of my used slutwear. I wear already several years the same outfits and they are very used and weary. With the money, I want to by new clothes to offer my clients something new to cum on.

So once and awhile I will present you on my blog an outfit I want to sell and it will be put in my web shop. I will also tell you when I was wearing the slutwear, with most of them I have nice memories and stories.

Today I present you a transparent string-body which I received when I was working in Germany. It is kinda old, because It was not mine originally. It belonged to another prostitute who was working in the sex-club where I was in too. She was a Thai girl and if I can remember good, she was 21 years old when she stopped working there. She left this behind in the laundry and my boss gave it to me because we had the same size.

So much sex wearing this slutwear

I was mostly combining this outfit with a short leather skirt or shiny leggings over it to start the night. Like this I tried talking with clients and get them to my room. Often clients liked me wearing this also during sex. The string nicely goes through my pussy lips. It’s very easy to pull the string a bit to a side and fuck my ass or pussy.

Now, back in Russia at home, I often wear this slutwear for sleeping. Maybe it’s important to mention I rub my pussy every night till I fall a sleep. When I’m wearing this body while I’m fingering my cunt, I often remember all the fucks I had wearing this outfit. I feel such a whore than and that makes me very horny.

If you are interested to have this outfit, just send me a message. You can decide if I wash it or not.  You can tell me if I should rub my pussy one more time wearing this and squirt in it.



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