Your skank showing off her high heels

Hello all my horny boyfriends out there! Today I want to show you and tell you again that I am your whore and that  I am waiting for your attention. This time I want to show off my two favorite pairs of shoes. They have very high heels and I feel very cheap and slutty in them.

Already since I was young I felt more comfortable and sexy in shoes with very high heels. My parents were always furious when they saw me going to school in shoes I could barely walk in. Yes, it is true that walking on high heels looks very clumsy sometimes, but I just feel much more pretty in them. I was called so many times every day “whore” and “slut” by my family, friends and strangers… I stopped caring and even start liking it.

When I was working in the private sex-club in Germany, I had to stand and dance on very high heels and platforms all day. Also when men were fucking me I was mostly keeping my shoes on, but all clothes off. The first months, the pain was terrible. But slowly all discomfort went away and now I can easily walk and work on the highest stiletto’s all day.

Look at my favorite high heel shoes!

high heels

Right now I have just two pairs of shoes that I wear. I don’t have much money at the moment. I hope I can buy more soon. The sandals I wear during the day when I have to go outside. When I go shopping or I need to go in the city, I always were these. For in the winter I had some high leather boots with very high heels. But they were to weary and I had to throw them away. When it will be cold again, I will buy new over knee boots.

high heels

When I have sex-dates, escorts or a gang bang I wear my shoes with platforms. They are really shoes made for whores and I am very happy with them. They are very strong and I have them already since I was working in Germany. I received them from my boss as a gift, because I was working very hard and made a lot of progress in small time.

If you book me for a sex-show on Skype or you want to meet me for hot and kinky sex, I would love to wear my high heel shoes for me. Just ask me which one you like me to wear and I will do so!



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