Slutty tattoo for Anna the Sloth

slutty tattoo

Nice to meet you again here reading and enjoying my personal blog! I hope my writing was any good so far and my pictures exciting enough for your cocks! Today I made a big decision. I finally decided I’m going to take a slutty tattoo. Next week I’m going to get it done in the mall. I can’t wait!

This idea is already in my mind for a long time. But since I’m so lazy and I never could make up my mind about the design… It never happened. Many men told me already I should express more what I am , by having a slutty tattoo on my body. ┬áIt would show that I am proud to be such a whore and that I love being one.

In the past, when I was working in a club with other prostitutes, I was always the only girl without tattoos. At first I didn’t notice it, until clients came with the idea. Than I started to look at the tattoos of the other girls… and to be honest, I was a little jealous.

As a cam-girl it’s also important to be noticed, to be special and unique. I hope when I get a really slutty tattoo, men will give me more attention and enjoy me better. They should realize immediately that I’m the naughtiest whore online and they should stroke their cocks on me alone!

That’s why I don’t want just any tattoo. It really has to be sexy and showing clearly who I am. I want to see the gaze of surprise on men’s faces when I strip naked. Their cocks should get instantaneously hard and ready for me.

About the place on my body for the slutty tattoo, I am already sure. I will put it on the scar I have on my belly that i got from my appendix surgery.

slutty tattooI still have doubts about the design, but i found a great idea on the internet. It is a slutty tattoo of a lazy sloth like me, holding a sign up. The sign is showing the text: “Let’s Fuck”. I guess the message can’t be any more clear than this. I really want to get fucked as well and the more the better. Let’s hope my new sloth-tattoo will make my wish come true and also yours!

Right now I am already really excited. I hope you will read my blog again next week when I will be able to show my new tattoo very proudly!

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