I’m such a lazy bitch

lazy bitchHello everyone around the world! Today I want to tell you the truth about me. I am really such a little lazy bitch. If there is one thing you should now about me, than this is it.  I prefer to lay in my bed all day. Playing with my toys in front of the camera on Skype and watch dirty movies together with clients is how I spend most of my days.

I never did a real job in my life and I don’t think I would ever take one. Of course I like to learn new things and sometimes I take interesting classes for fun, but working is nothing for a lazy bitch like me. Working in the sex-industry was always the only thing that was really appealing to me and I hope I can keep on doing this forever and never get old.

A lazy bitch like me would totally not belong in an office and working in a factory sounds even worse! I need too much real excitement and preferably by laying on my back with my legs open. Even better when i can put my head on a soft pillow. I guess you think I’m a very spoiled girl!

After finishing high school when I was 18, I went to Germany to work in a sex-club and doing escorts. This was really hard work for me and I had to have sex with many customers every day. But in that period of my life I learned so much and I really enjoyed life as a whore. I like to be desired, to be touched and groped… to entertain men and to be a little cock-tease.

When the club where I was working closed last year, I had no choice than going back to Russia. Lucky I had saved up enough money to buy a small apartment with a comfortable bed. So this lazy bitch could sit on her ass all day and doing what she does best. Yes, I mean relaxing and making men cum.

I don’t go so much outside, since here it’s very cold and rainy most of the days. I like to stay inside with the heating on and feeling tired and groggy all day. Lucky I have my loyal customers who don’t spare the whip with me. They keep me from getting fat . They make me dance, toy my holes hard and making me vomit all the fast-food I eat.

Today it is weekend, so I am even a bigger lazy bitch than normal. That’s why I will also end this post and put my Lovense back in my gaping wet cunt. I hope you come to watch me on Skype for a hot and steamy sex-show!




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