Awkward moment in cam whoring

cam whoringWelcome again, dear readers of my sexy blog! I’m so excited, but also a little embarrassed to share this new post with you. A real awkward moment in cam whoring happened today for me, but for you guys… I guess this story is very funny.

I was doing a huge cam whoring marathon on Skype, because I really needed to pay off some urgent debts. A friend bought me a new digital camera to make better videos and I needed to pay him back… so I don’t have to let him fuck me for free forever haha.

I started doing shows since yesterday evening and I worked desperately the whole night and the next morning too. Normally I’m extremely lazy, but I drank some mysterious energy drinks I found in the night shop to perform as a well oiled sex-machine.

I was going all the way, cam whoring literally my ass off. Using all my toys and stretching both my fuck holes really wide, I was making clients cum one after another. For the perverted customers I gave kinky shows with my vomit, pee and poo till all my juices were spent.

It was late in the morning and I was very tired and only focused on doing more anal shows for clients. But I completely forgot my mother was coming over to clean my apartment. She comes every week on the same hour, but it totally slipped my mind this time.

My mum knows that I am cam whoring a lot, but she doesn’t really understand what I do exactly. She thinks men just pay me for showing my boobs or my cunt. Mother also thinks I was in Germany for 4 years to work in strip-club and not in sex-club. She has no idea what a whore I really am.

When I heard her key opening the door of my small apartment, it was already too late. She busted me right on the spot, moaning with a big dildo in each of my holes and clothespins on both my nipples. Adrenaline rushed through my body when I saw her surprised face and open mouth.

I closed immediately my computer and grabbed the first garment I could find to cover myself up. My mother’s surprise changed fast in to anger. We had such a big fight! She chased me around with her vacuum cleaner trying to hit me. I started crying and than she went away while shouting at me.

Oh my God! That was such an awkward and shocking experience! It took me a while to calm down and relax. But I totally don’t think about quitting! I will be cam whoring till I’m old and worn out. It is just too much fun and I just want to do what I like and be accepted for who I am… even if I am a dirty slut!


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